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Hot tubs are a fantastic addition to any party with friends or family – a fantastic event to enjoy no matter the weather. Let’s take a look at mobile hot tub hire in Southampton.

Why choose us for your hot tub in hire in Southampton?

Quality Hot Tubs in Southampton for any event

You can view our packages in more detail on our website, as well as make a booking. Here is a brief summary of what to expect in our packages in Southampton:

Inflatable hot tub hire – We have a range of heated hot tubs for hire for 4 – 8 people with temperature control, lights, chemicals, delivery, and setup. 

Birthday hot tub hire – For an additional charge, we can add birthday decorations, lights, and balloons.

Hot tub cinema hire – Why not hire a hot tub with your own cinema? We provide a projector, a screen, a USB stick full of movies, and popcorn. You can have a hot tub to rent for a long weekend or a week (depending on your preference).

Party tent hire – Renting an LED party tent will ensure that you and your friends have a wonderful evening, and our incredible entertainment packages are perfect for home parties. So that you only have to worry about the drinks and mixers, let us handle everything. A spectacular party tent is an ideal way to celebrate a birthday, a hen do, or an anniversary.

Bell tent hire – With our fantastic weekend sleepover packages, you can spend the night outside. These tents are made of premium sandstone canvas and are totally waterproof. Birthday parties, garden parties, or weddings are the ideal occasions for this package.

Garden cinema hire – The garden cinema package comes with a fully waterproof gazebo, decorations, zero gravity chairs, or beanbags and comes with the same features as the hot tub cinema package (minus the hot tub).

Marquee hire – The marquee is a well-liked option for small to larger gardens and is very affordable. For a little birthday celebration or gathering of a few friends, our premium 6m x 4m small marquee is perfect. The ideal birthday celebration or a get-together with friends would be the right occasion for our premium 8m x 4m medium marquee. A ground bar set is included with this PVC marquee for further security – You can choose to put the entrance wherever you wish. For a larger birthday event or gathering of a few friends, our premium 10m x 5m large marquee is perfect. The marquee can accommodate up to 60 individuals standing or 40 seated guests. As with the medium marquee, a ground bar set is included.

Hot tub breaks in Hampshire

Hot tub break you say?

After a long period of work, it’s nice to get away for a holiday or take a break. You can sometimes relax just by leaving your house and removing yourself from the stresses of daily life. But how would you feel if a hot tub could be added to your Southampton getaway to make it just a little bit more relaxing? There are many alternatives, whether you’re travelling for a weekend hot tub getaway or even a family hot tub getaway.

In addition to aiding in relaxation, hot tubs have been shown to have positive effects on health. These can include easing aches and pains, bringing down blood pressure, and consequently enhancing sleep. You’ll feel more rested and prepared for all of the enjoyable activities you may have planned if you get more rest. Hot tubs may also assist to lessen the symptoms of stress and arthritis.

Your cardiovascular system can benefit from even a brief soak in the hot tub. This is a result of the hot tub’s warm temperature boosting your core body temperature and enhancing blood circulation throughout your body. Additionally, hot tubs may lower high blood pressure. Even while it’s probably not on your agenda for your hot tub getaway, it’s unquestionably a plus.

Hot tubs are also a good way to socialise and make friends at a gathering if you don’t know everyone there. Many people love to gravitate towards the hot tub because it’s fun and relaxing. What’s stopping you from enjoying a relaxing hot tub?

Time to party!

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We have many other items on offer in Southampton to help you make the most of your celebration, not just hot tub hire:

  • LED cube seats
  • Drinks ice coolers
  • Ice machines
  • Patio heaters
  • Flags
  • Benches
  • and many more!