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The Best Marquees in Town!

It is party time! Marquee hire Dorset is an excellent way to host almost any type of event – whether a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, or a party just for fun. Marquees require minimal decoration; they are easy to set up (we do it for you!), completely customisable and provide a great space to join your beloved family and friends. Here at Priority Entertainment in Dorset, we provide marquees and tents for all different events around the Dorset area. A marquee for your event allows you to customise it to your heart’s desire. Our prices are competitive with other marquee hire providers in the area, making it affordable for you to host a fantastic event. 

Our marquees are made of high-quality material, solid and durable, and made from PVC, making them perfect in case it is rainy on the day of your event. We have a team who will work with you to determine your needs and preferences for your special occasion and help your marquee’s dream come to life. We can provide ideas on how you can add furniture and decorations to create the theme that you want for your marquees. 

Marquee Hire for a Wedding, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties and More

You provide the reason to have an event to celebrate – we will provide the equipment to make it happen! We have customers throughout Dorset who have used us for weddings, work events, hen parties, baby showers, and birthday parties. Traditional wedding under the marquee? You got it. Birthday shindig with a hot tub and lounging furniture? We can do it. We have used our marquees for corporate events so employees can get out of the office and connect with their fellow workers over a delicious meal. We have had customers hire us to set up marquees for a surprise event for their loved ones, giving them an unforgettable night. 

All you need is a space where we can set up our marquees, contact us, and we can be there for you. 

More Than Marquee Hire 

One of the best things about our company is that we do more than marquee hire – we offer various other packages and services that can be combined with marquee hire or purchased separately from a marquee hire.

The packages that we offer for hire are: 

  • Hot Tub Hire 
  • Bell Tent Hire
  • Party Tents 
  • Garden Cinema Hire 
  • And even camping services

We also include party extras that can help you create the vibe you want. Some of these are:

  • Red Carpet for your marquees (yes, you read it correctly – time to bring it out!)
  • Beer pong table
  • Large light-up numbers for birthday celebrations
  • Festival Flags
  • And more!

Feel free to check out our gallery to brainstorm ideas of things you would like to do for your marquee hire!

What You Should Know 

Our marquees come in different sizes. We have larger marquees for events with more people, such as a wedding, or smaller marquees for your next cookout with a few friends. We can work with you to determine what size marquee would be the best for your event, depending on what you plan to add to it and how many people you plan to accommodate. Will your guests be standing or sitting? Will you add furniture, such as a picnic table or a lounge area? What will be the theme of your event? We are happy to walk you through many of these questions so that you get the best use of your marquee hire and can plan appropriately. 

You will have to pay us an initial deposit to secure the marquees and equipment you will use for the event.

We follow a strict COVID protocol to avoid spreading COVID from customer to customer. We deep-clean marquees, furniture, hot tubs, extras – everything. We allow the marquees a few days to air out between uses to stop the spread of cross-contamination. You must contact us if you have tested positive for COVID leading up to your marquee hire or during the time. Priority Entertainment will do the same for you – we must keep our loyal customers safe!

Contact Us For Your Next Event for Marquee Hire 

Please get in touch with us for your next marquee hire! We expand our marquees service throughout Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Dorset counties. You can give us a ring or send us an inquiry if you prefer that contact method instead. Please make sure to keep an eye out for your spam folder. Sometimes our marquee hire responses make their way to them at times!